PRO INSUL LIMITED is a Canadian owned and operated thermal insulation contracting company that was incorporated in Ontario in 1977. The company has strategically located operations, including fabrication, storage, and administration facilities in Stoney Creek, Ontario; Edmonton, Alberta; Saint John, New Brunswick; and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. We also maintain service personnel in Sydney, Nova Scotia and St. John’s, Newfoundland. We are one of Canada’s largest insulation contractors in terms of revenue and geographic scope.

Our contracting and maintenance services not only include the traditional supply and application of thermal insulation and cladding to piping and equipment in mechanical systems, but also the provision of asbestos abatement services for these systems.

Our services are applicable but not limited to the following industry classifications:

Heavy Industrial

Mining, power, pulp and paper, oil and gas, petrochemical, gas processing, water and sewage, steel manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, and food processing

Marine & Offshore

Gas processing, drilling rigs and platforms, ships, and boats

Commercial & Institutional

Hospitals, universities, schools, government buildings, hotels, banks, museums, and shopping centers


Our work is performed by highly trained and productive qualified union tradesmen. Their work is managed by experienced technical professionals including project managers, estimators, project coordinators, QA/QC personnel and safety officers.

We utilize leading edge technology to help ensure that our historic project estimating, tracking, and scheduling systems are adjustable to meet customer specific requirements. The systems are subject to continuous improvement.

We serve the needs of a wide range of customers who require that heat loss or gain is not only controlled to maintain specified process temperatures, but also to provide personnel protection, or to meet government mandated guidelines for saving energy, protecting the environment and creating jobs.

We perform our work on a lump sum, unit price, and/or cost reimbursable basis and our goals are simple:

To provide quality work at a cost effective price, done safely, with no surprises for our customers. We promise to work extremely hard to accomplish our goals.

Our mission is to provide superior contracting services that improve the level of performance of our customers. Performance that includes not only government mandated energy savings and CO2 reductions, but also corporate goals for operating cost efficiencies.